Comments received on support petition

IbikeIvoteIn signing the petition to City Council in support of the cycling plan, to date over 200 have provided a comment as to why. Here they are, with names withheld for privacy. Those signing the petition did so of their own free will – without in-your-face bullying or intimidation.  These comments from the usually-silent majority speak to a healthier, more equitable, more active Brockville. 

  1. I’m 8 years old and like to bike. The path would give me more places to bike safely and I could go on farther rides
  2. A bike path would encourage more cyclists young and old to get out and use active transportation.
  3. We need this
  4. I strongly support safer bike riding conditions in Brockville. I am a very regular cyclist. I want my city to be a safe place to ride a bike.
  5. A safer, healthier community will be a happier one! I’m also a cyclist and travel to cities that have such pathways to ride on. Would love one right here at home.
  6. I want to see Brockville progress. Safer streets. Less use of cars.
  7. This is the right thing to do. The citizens of Brockville own the public streets.
  8. Bike lanes and paths should be everywhere to encourage physical activity in everyday activities in a safe manor
  9. The future growth and health of Brockville demands we take a step into the future. We need safer bicycle and walking paths. More lights.
  10. It’s a good thing to encourage safe healthy outdoor activity
  11. We are becoming an increasingly inactive and less healthy community
  12. I agree that the cycling network is needed and the Laurier cycle track is a vital part of the link. Cycling is great for families as well as for the community
  13. I believe in getting cars off the road
  14. The plan not only promotes healthy green transport and family recreation, but also ensures safety for the bikes and cars that already share the road. How can having bikes in a predictable and secure area be a bad thing?
  15. I support this because it is a healthy alternative form of transportation and encourages people to “share the road” safely
  16. Bike lanes are an excellent idea for safer cycling.
  17. I’m signing because I think it is a great thing for Brockville to have.
  18. “It’s 2016!”
  19. There are hundreds of school aged children in the north end that can use a safe route to the soccer fields in the summer— it helps kids to be independent and safe.
  20. Common sense and the right thing to do
  21. We need to promote healthy lifestyle in a safe environment! Not only will this be safer for bikers but it may also slow traffic down on a very busy street. Win win for everyone!
  22. This is essential to connect the communities north of the 401 to the Brock Trail and the rest of the city
  23. It is important to have safe communities – which includes ways and means to encourage residents and visitors to reduce car travel and increase opportunities for healthy living. At this time, there is no safe route to cycle east-west across Brockville in either the downtown core nor in the north end. (North-south isn’t great, but is doable.) Cities around the world which are larger and more congested than Brockville (Vancouver being a great example) have managed to plan around their geography and infrastructure. The result is a clearly marked system which is safer and more efficient for both vehicles and bicycles. I urge the citizens of Brockville to “share” and “collaborate” for the well-being of all.
  24. Cycling promotes a healthy lifestyle and hopefully will aid in decreased health care costs
  25. I’m signing this petition because I believe in promoting safe and healthy transportation alternatives. As an avid cyclist I am all too familiar with the dangers of riding my bike in this community. We have the right to our own lane.
  26. While it seems like a decision, apparently there is a small but vocal group of opposition. The City’s elected officials need to know there is widespread support for this initiative.  In 2016, there are no excuses for ignoring the health, community, environmental and other benefits of cycling paths.
  27. I want our kids and old parents to cycle safe on the road
  28. This project will help integrate the north end with the downtown core and boost tourism
  29. Our city needs to be progressive. We need to think of our future children & our need to be healthy the cycling lane is an improvement
  30. I was born and raised in Brockville. Bicycle lanes are an important way for communities to foster health, safety and wellness!
  31. I feel that this is an extremely important endeavour to get more families out enjoying a bike safe community.
  32. I support the city’s cycling plan because I understand the health, social, environmental and economic benefits that stem from more people choosing to ride bikes more often. I understand the proven safety benefits of separated bike lanes.
  33. The inclusion of the Laurier cycle track in Brockville’s Cycling Network will encourage more individual cyclists and families, including grandparents and grandchildren, to cycle. It offers touring cyclists an alternative, east-west route, to the current Waterfront Trail.  The health benefits to physical exercise, at any level, is well documented.
  34. I support an active community and efforts to make cycling on streets safe for the general public.
  35. I used to live in the area. Bike path should slow down traffic on this busy artery and also will be great for cyclists
  36. Enabling more people to cycle is always a good thing. For their personal health, and the overall morale and well-being of the community.  Thanks to the individuals who are leading this initiative, well done.
  37. It encourages physical activity.
  38. I support this initiative – while being active outdoors, we become role models for our children, friends, and neighbors. Being visibly active is contagious!
  39. I’m signing because I believe Brockville needs to foster ‘active living” – residents need to be able to ride and walk safely on as many streets as possible
  40. Totally support better cycle access and safety on Brockville municipal roads.
  41. Because I’m a cyclist and lived and went to high school in Brockville. I think the residents would benefit from such a project! Any initiative to get people up and active is a good one!
  42. Laurier is a very busy street and a separation of bikes and cars is the safest thing for both the bike riders and the car drivers. Safety for all on the city’s roads should be of concern for the City of Brockville’s Council. A safe cycling network, as described in the Official Plan is an excellent idea!!
  43. it’s a great idea!!
  44. Brockville’s streets belong to all residents and guests and this is a safe, environmentally friendly way for all to enjoy OUR city.
  45. I’m signing as a concerned person for the environment. Promoting green transport options to auto use helps us all.
  46. I am signing as I am an avid cyclist & know bike paths are a must for any modern city…especially Brockville who needs to attract new residents.
  47. I’m tired of being close to death every time I ride.
  48. Cycling is a healthy way to live & a bike lane will make it safer.
  49. The citizens of Brockville deserve safe areas to bike. This will help make the area more family friendly!
  50. people need to be safe on the streets biking and this will be excellent for families
  51. It`s the safer way to bike.
  52. I’m very much in favour of using bicycles as transportation in Brockville.
  53. Works all over the world, why not here? Keeps people moving and fit.
  54. I would use the bike path. I do not feel safe biking on the roads right now, but if we had a bike path then there would be less pollution and a healthier environment.
  55. Seems it would make cycling safer on Laurier,
  56. We need to attract people and business to a safe city.
  57. It’s a positive thing for Brockville. Excellent plan…. Move it along
  58. It is a fantastic idea and I can’t think of a reason not to sign.
  59. I want to make Brockville a better place to live.
  60. I want my children to feel safe when cycling through the city
  61. Cycling is a great sport and anyone can ride a bike. #gorideabike
  62. Bike lanes will make it safer for bike traffic and hopefully decrease congestion from motorized vehicle traffic, as people get more comfortable riding their bicycles. This should have been done years ago.
  63. I believe in promoting safe and economic travel in our city. I would use this if available.
  64. It would be useful
  65. I wanted to bike into Brockville but found it too dangerous. Get moving and Healthy in a safe way.
  66. I would bike more often if I felt safer on the road.
  67. This promotes a wonderful family activity! I love the idea!
  68. Any type of walking or cycle path is great to get out and see our beautiful city.
  69. I cycle in Brockville, including commuting to work in the summer. The city needs better cycling infrastructure.
  70. Cycling is a great way tourist activity. I would love a healthful way to travel to all parts of the city I used to call home.
  71. Brockville needs to position itself for the future, and this is a solid step in the right direction.
  72. I’d love to get to where I need to go in the greenest way possible:)
  73. I’m signing because I believe we need to encourage cycling as society transitions to environmentally friendly forms of transportation. I expect to use my bicycle to get into town when a car is no longer an option for me.
  74. I may want to use this when in that area.
  75. I believe this is a great idea. It shows that Brockville is a forward thinking community.  Being a cyclist I look forward to feeling safer while riding.
  76. As an enthusiastic cyclist, I strongly support Brockville’s cycling lanes and I have no time for people who oppose them – what decade are they living in?
  77. I am a cyclist think it’s a great idea …..
  78. It’s a step in the right direction for this old town.
  79. I’m signing this because we need available space for cyclist is Brockville. Not the sidewalk or an inch on the road. We need a dedicated safe space for biker and cyclist alike. Speaking as a cyclist myself. Brockville needs to invest.
  80. Safety for everyone involved. Also my husband works in Brockville and would like to ride his bike to work – it is not safe the way it is now.
  81. I’m signing because we have a beautiful trail downtown that is not completed and difficult to access from the north end of town due to the traffic on Stewart Blvd. I hope this goes through as I would love to ride my bicycle to work.
  82. There are no cycling commuter roots in this town.
  83. I’ll be returning to that area and that bike track will promote a lot of health and recreation for my family and others.
  84. Cycling is awesome and fun and easy and good for our health. Easy parking, no fumes,
  85. I feel Brockville needs to be more bike friendly and this is a perfect opportunity to get things rolling…
  86. I’m signing because my family cycles down this street, our street, all the time and I would love to have the extra protection a cycling lane could provide. The street is more than wide enough.
  87. it is a good idea to have safety for all riders in this community and it is needed especially on busy roads. It is safe for drivers as well not to have to worry about cyclists.
  88. I ride a bike and some roads are not safe to share with cars.
  89. I am a biker and I like to all have a safe ride 😉 and also safe for drivers too!!!
  90. Cycling safety is very important to me.
  91. It’s a great idea and would give families a safe area to ride.
  92. It would hurt to get hit by a car and bike lanes could save my life.
  93. We need to have a safe place for people and bikes
  94. I believe that encouraging and supporting physical fitness in our community is very important.
  95. This is a great idea
  96. I ride my bike around alot and am afraid to ride with traffic. This would make me feel much more safe!
  97. Because it’s 2016.
  98. I love to run and bike and at times doing either in Brockville is not safe. I believe if we make it safer, you would see a lot more people taking part and getting out there to be healthier, less emissions, a win/win for everyone…let’s make Brockville a safer place and get more folks participating!! Thanks!
  99. The Cycle Network will connect neighbourhoods to the Brock Trail leading you to our World Famous St. Lawrence River Blockhouse Island and our Historic Railway Tunnel. Welcome home Brockville!
  100. I am a healthy and active citizen of Brockville. Safety in cycling is key to any city.  It promotes people who never cycled a place that is safe and introduce a new activity.  It promotes Brockville as a city that is friendly to cyclists.  It promotes a “green” community.
  101. I cycle to Brockville regularly and would love to ride along the north end and feel safe. Highway 2 downtown is very iffy!
  102. Brockville is taking a great step in making the streets more cyclist friendly.
  103. I am a Biker
  104. I live in the north end and this will encourage more cyclist and create a safe zone.
  105. For my children…for their safety and for an active life!
  106. This is a great idea for commuters children and families to ride a busy road safely and promote bike friendly city
  107. I cycle
  108. Cycling should be encouraged and supported with safety in mind.
  109. I like to cycle on Laurier
  110. we need bike paths all over Brockville and Canada
  111. I think it is very important to support options for transportation around our community that make it a safe for all modes of transportation
  112. I am a cyclist and support a healthy, active lifestyle for Brockville and area citizens.
  113. I like to ride my bike and would welcome a safer way to get through the north end of the city in order to connect with the bike path down to the river.
  114. I believe strongly in getting members of our community moving and to reducing emissions – Let’s share the road and pave the way to our healthier community!
  115. It will be safer because the vehicles will be aware that bicycles may be present
  116. I want a safer way to bike to school. (TISS)
  117. I’m signing because it is 2016 and it is the right thing to do.
  118. This will help the community to be healthy!
  119. I love biking and a friend told me about it
  120. Great idea!
  121. Anything that makes cycling safer and gets more people out on their bikes is a good thing.
  122. I want to be healthy and I want the environment to survive. This is good for our community… Thank you.
  123. I am signing because it is good to have a bike path on that road
  124. I love Brockville!
  125. I want a safe place or myself and children to ride!
  126. Health and safety are important for all citizens. I support the addition of bike lanes in Brockville ON.
  127. The option to use a bicycle as mode of transportation in a safe setting needs to be installed here in Brockville Ontario. Other major cities have proven that it does work giving the people a choice. The naysayers of Brockville do not want change, they do not want progress, they want the community of the past
  128. I cycle, bike lanes are great!
  129. I believe safe bike routes improve a city.
  130. I want a safe place for my kids and I to ride from our house in the north end.
  131. I would love to ride my bike and feel safe doing so.
  132. A bicycle network will connect all the key elements / locations of Brockville. The Laurier portion is a main thoroughfare that sees a high volume of activity due to the Laurier Hill attractions of summer sports fields and winter skating and tobogganing activities. I will be a safety enhancement.
  133. Take a que from other cities were it works. This is something that Brockville needs and will further develop something of use for everybody not just “those affected.” Build and grow for tomorrow.
  134. As a society we could be healthier, both physically and mentally if we decreased our dependence on the private automobile. Some cars will always be necessary. But we need to make other opportunities available, too, for hiking, biking and other forms of active transportation. We might just slow down enough to enjoy life!
  135. We need the bike lane. Perhaps we need 3 and 4 way stops all along Laurier to slow traffic down.
  136. I ride my bike to work several days of the year and this would make it much safer. Also, we need to have a community that cares more about active transportation.
  137. Cycling on Brockville streets is dangerous. The dedicated lanes will improve safety for people who choose to get around by bicycle (recreation and necessity) and add to a fantastic network of trails.
  138. It makes perfect sense as we find ways to promote fitness and keep cyclists and motorists on a happy path together. Besides, with the continuation of the Brock Trail, what better link-up than bike lanes for the north end of Brockville.
  139. Cycling is a healthy, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly way to commute, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately cycling in close proximity to vehicles can be dangerous for cyclists.  In order for Brockville to be a modern, family friendly city it must integrate bike lanes into its infrastructure.
  140. It is a great thing for Brockville and well overdue!!!
  141. Bike lanes are safer for cyclists and drivers
  142. common sense
  143. I am signing because I love the idea and I will use it with my children.
  144. I would like to ride
  145. Plain and simple it makes things safer for bikers.
  146. It is a great idea and a positive for the entire region!
  147. Having a safe place to ride a bike is a huge factor in increasing the number of people using bicycles for transportation, helps foster healthy lifestyles, and makes neighborhoods more friendly. You are much more likely to stop and chat with the neighbors if on a bike than you are if in a car. The idea of cyclists having their homes picketed for using a bike lane is a little scary. Bike transport is not of interest or feasible to everyone, but encouraging others to ride helps reduce the traffic for those who drive.
  148. Biking is a healthy and fun activity for all ages. Bike lanes make it safer and more accessible.
  149. ❤️ Biking!!!
  150. Cycling is a right, not a privilege and the safety of the future generations in having safe areas to cycle in is paramount.
  151. I’m a cyclist and safety is paramount.
  152. Bike lanes are necessary to maintain safe biking for all ages. A car is a choice, as is a bike. Don’t penalize people and children because they choose to ride a bike. Penalize those who threaten to harm people who ride bikes, that is terrible.
  153. I’m a 5000 mi/year bike commuter. Protected bike lanes are the best way to get the average person to ride a bike, for fun or transportation.  This cycle track will draw people to your community and make it healthier.  Residents will have more money to spend on businesses as their dollars don’t go to big oil corporations.
  154. I believe it will be safer with bike lanes, because the vehicles will be aware that bicycles may be present.
  155. Brockville is the PERFECT city for biking, with short distances to everywhere! If it were just a bit safer, people would cycle a lot more. It would be fantastic!!
  156. I support the bike lanes on Laurier Blvd.
  157. I bike all summer, would feel much safer for the path. When taking your drivers test, you are told that bicycles are entitled to 3 ft of the road, when there are no paths. The same as pedestrians have the right of way.
  158. Bicycle is my primary means of transportation and I enjoy not being hit vehicles.
  159. I am in support of bicycle lanes on Laurier Blvd, Brockville ON. Further, contrary to the fact that opposers claim in recent full page print ads, that Laurier is a ‘double lane’ roadway, it is not (only a turning lane exists at two far-apart intersections), it is not. At 40′ wide, Laurier is amply wide, and perfectly suited, for bicycle lanes. Health (through cycling exercise) and accessibility (via this effective method of transportation), will be the net result of cycling lanes.
  160. I believe that cycling is an essential component of building a more active and engaged community.
  161. I am coming on holidays this year (I really hope) and will enjoy the bike ride on the new network – to Kingston????
  162. This is much needed in our community! It will encourage kids and parents of all ages to feel safe and get back out on their bikes and leave the car at home !!
  163. Try it, so we can see how well it works.
  164. I am an avid cyclist. I believe that riding a bicycle can save the planet from atmospheric global warming. Riding a bike will benefit all.
  165. this is a good safe move
  166. Health, relationships, outdoor fun!
  167. Brockville is my hometown and many family members live there. It is a beautiful small city and a bike track is an excellent way to see the city, enjoy the city, get exercise and reduce the amount of time you spend in the car.  A very safe alternative to driving.
  168. Cycling should be part of the solution to congestion, and climate change.
  169. There are not enough bike paths in the Brockville area. We’d move there in a heartbeat if there were.
  170. I’m signing because I ride my bike on Laurier all the time and I think it would be much safer.
  171. I am from a larger city that is filled with such cycling lanes. I have stopped cycling since moving to Brockville due to the unsafe accommodation of cyclists that are on the road. I have had more near death experiences here in one year than i have in over 15 years of cycling in the Niagara region. it’s time for change.
  172. Every city that makes any effort to grow as a community has long ago implemented city wide bike lanes. it is time Brockville does the same.
  173. These bicycle lanes are important to encourage citizens to use healthier modes of transportation and also to promote Brockville as an active, healthy, bicycle-friendly community for young and old.
  174. Every city or town needs to have a place for Bicycles to ride safely. My town is smaller than Brockville, and we have them in our neighbourhood.
  175. Bike lanes provide a safe space for cyclists. This project may encourage people who are too nervous about cycling near traffic to get out and pedal.
  176. I think it will be good for the City of Brockville,
  177. Grew up in Brockville! Think it’s a great idea
  178. I believe in promoting bike paths to encourage riding and safety.
  179. I believe bike lanes would be safer because vehicles would be expecting to see bicycles in that area.
  180. I want to live in a community that embraces and encourages an active lifestyle
  181. we need to encourage means of travel which are better for the environment and ensure that those who choose this method of travel feel safe and protected.
  182. I’m signing this because having a bike lane will make bikers and drivers safer
  183. I believe in the promotion of cycling and the plan in place for this street and the future plans of this network.
  184. I believe in safe cycling for myself and my family.
  186. It encourages a healthy lifestyle and contributes to reducing pollution. It also keeps cyclists safer on the road.
  187. I’m in full
  188. Because I ride quite a bit in and around Brockville. It would be nice to feel safer getting in and out of the city when we do group rides.
  189. This is a great idea. Opposing this is a huge injustice to our community, our health and to our children. We should be promoting good health with safe avenues to achieve this.
  190. Health is wealth!
  191. I am an avid cyclist; bike lanes are imperative.
  192. I bike and the drivers in this town have no respect for people that bike. It’s a healthy alternative from driving and good for the environment as well
  193. It’s a good project.
  194. I believe in the importance of cycling lanes to promote safe active transportation. My workplace is also on Laurier Avenue.
  195. I used to cycle regularly on cycle paths in Greater London, UK where the roads are much narrower than Laurier Boulevard and would love to cycle safely with my children in Brockville as I do not feel it is safe without a cycle path.
  196. I support Bike lanes Kingston and other cities have them and they work well,
  197. I cycle consistently as a form of transportation in Toronto and would love to be able to do so when I return to Brockville. There is currently a bike lane on my street that passes my residence and it has proven nothing but beneficial whether biking or driving home. If anything living on a street with a bike lane has made my opinion of them even more positive!
  198. My dad, his brother and sister and my grandparents lived on Pine Street by the Armory. Although they have all passed they still reside in their beloved Brockville. I bring my family every year to visit and as a strong believer in Active Transportation I commend those who advocate for this cycle track and encourage the City of Brockville to approve and implement it.
  199. As a former resident and frequent visitor to Brockville, I think this initiative will be beneficial to get people outside moving and provide a safe avenue for cyclists young and old to do so.
  200. The proposed bike lanes in the north end represent good planning. Promoting active lifestyles contributes to improved health of the population but also helps to promote the many benefits of this community to those seeking to relocate here.
  201. Cycling is the healthy option!
  202. Because cranky NIMBYs shouldn’t be able to counteract sound traffic engineering and installation of bike lanes where appropriate.
  203. The residents of Brockville deserve this. Visitors to Brockville will enjoy it too.
  204. I want to visit Brockville and spend money there IF it turns out to be a great place to cycle.
  205. I think it’s a great idea. Lots of people bike on that road and it would be more safe for people and drivers. It might make others feel more comfortable to get their bikes out. Promoting a healthier community is a great plan!
  206. We would love to see cycle tracks here in Brockville. Right now it is very unsafe to cycle, especially with kids!
  207. I am signing because I used to bike to work, but the traffic and poor interactions with vehicle drivers has stopped that for a number of years. The ability to cycle safely and access the manufacturing sites in the north end would encourage many to start or resume healthy transportation.
  208. I think this is a great starting point of a progressive community.
  209. I think this is the way of the future
  210. The group that is against the cycle track has given me wrong information when they approached me at my door!
  211. I’m signing because decreasing the barriers to bicycle use will have many benefits to the citizens of Brockville. Increasing safety and accessibility will make it easier for people to make the choice to ride their bikes.



Author: Alan Medcalf

Alan is a post-corporate, volunteer, community builder living in Brockville, Ontario. He seeks to create sustainable lifestyle advantage for the community by creating opportunities for more people to choose to walk and to ride bikes. He promotes the health, social, environmental and economic benefits of active mobility.