Bikes Are Good For Retail Businesses

photo from Momentum Mag
photo from Momentum Mag

When it comes to on-road bicycle facilities through retail business districts displacing some parking, some retailers cry doom and gloom – at least until their sales go up!  Ask retailers in the Wellington West area in Ottawa – Ontario’s first Bicycle Friendly Business District.  They’re happy. Ask retailers in Vancouver, who now vie to have their block the next to get bike lanes.
When it comes to stalling tactics and the inevitable call for “study the economic impact”, well, “they’ve been done. And done. And done again. And they all reach a similar conclusion: replacing on-street parking with a bike lane has little to no impact on local business, and in some cases might even increase business.”  Have a look at this compendium of studies and remember the results when it’s Brockville’s turn to consider bike lanes along King St downtown! Read more.

Author: Alan Medcalf

Alan is a post-corporate, volunteer, community builder living in Brockville, Ontario. He seeks to create sustainable lifestyle advantage for the community by creating opportunities for more people to choose to walk and to ride bikes. He promotes the health, social, environmental and economic benefits of active mobility.