Enforcement Of One Metre Passing Law Begins In Ottawa

Photo: CBC Ottawa
Photo: CBC Ottawa

As this CBC story relates, misunderstanding of road rules continues to proliferate and some people remain staunchly in an entitled state of mind. Online reactions show clearly that bullying, harassment and intimidation, long outlawed and rendered socially unacceptable in the workplace and schoolyard, are rife on the road and online. Add in CBC’s persistent penchant for fueling foment, and nobody seems served well by this approach to the conversation. Read CBC article here.

In Brockville, especially in the lower town, there are lots of narrow streets where the only safe cycling option is to take the lane, as advised and permitted by Ontario’s laws.  This means downtown along King St, for instance, where someone cycling needs to stay clear of the door zone for safety and the lane is not wide enough to share. If you’re driving, just chill out for the minute it takes to drive the length of downtown behind a bike.  It’s the law!

Author: Alan Medcalf

Alan is a post-corporate, volunteer, community builder living in Brockville, Ontario. He seeks to create sustainable lifestyle advantage for the community by creating opportunities for more people to choose to walk and to ride bikes. He promotes the health, social, environmental and economic benefits of active mobility.