Political Leadership On Active Transportation

Before and after – New St, Burlington ON

New Street in Burlington is an urban collector with a traffic load more than double that measured on Laurier Blvd or King St W in Brockville. New St is currently configured as four lanes – two in each direction.  A pilot project underway will see New St put on a “road diet” and upgraded to two lanes plus a centre left turn lane, plus a buffered bike lane on each side.  The reconfiguration is not expected to cause material slowdowns on the road, which will remain below capacity in its new configuration. Of note, Mayor Rick Goldring has taken to social media in defense of the project, providing answers to all the questions arising. This is a good read for those still in the 1970’s paradigm for road design and usage.  Read here.  For a more detailed look at the project, which has lots of learnings for Brockville, see here.

Author: Alan Medcalf

Alan is a post-corporate, volunteer, community builder living in Brockville, Ontario. He seeks to create sustainable lifestyle advantage for the community by creating opportunities for more people to choose to walk and to ride bikes. He promotes the health, social, environmental and economic benefits of active mobility.