Calgary Votes To Keep Cycle Network

Following an 18 month trial, Calgary city council deemed the cycle network to be a success and voted 10-4 to keep it.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi, following the vote, said, “As we look at the data, more people are cycling, we’ve lowered the percentage of injury collisions throughout the core, and we’ve had pretty minimal impact on automobile traffic, so I’m quite pleased with where council ended up today.”

Read the Dec 19th article in the Calgary Sun here.

Further comments reported in another Calgary Sun article on Dec 20th:

“If you give people a safe and comfortable place to ride their bikes, they’ll do it.

“Bike lanes will probably always be controversial to a certain extent because this is a fundamental conversation about perceived rights and privileges. What it should be is a conversation about how to make the city work better for everyone.

“If you design a city for cars, it fails for everyone including drivers. If you design a multi-modal city, it works better for everyone, including drivers.”

Status Update On CycleON Action Plan 1.0

It seems like only yesterday that Ontario announced its long term cycling strategy CycleON, quickly followed by Action Plan 1.0 (pdf), the first tranche of implementation projects. As stakeholders work on Action Plan 2.0, due for release soon, it’s instructive to take stock of progress to date on Action Plan 1.0. As this update from Share The Road shows, progress has been significant on many fronts. Read more here (pdf).

Are Canadian Kids Too Tired To Move?

The 2016 Participation report card on physical activity for children and youth gives Canada a D-.  You can read the summary and detailed reports here online.  Of note, as in previous years’ failing grades, a high percentage of 5 to 19 year olds participate in organized physical activities or sports, yet this provides little actual opportunity for sufficient moderate to vigorous activity. Where we fail, and the biggest opportunity, is in integrating activity into everyday living, such as walking or biking for purpose (as in active transportation) or for pleasure (as in unstructured play). Reading between the lines and aligning reports on adult activity, we also fail in providing parental role models for active behaviour.  Go for a walk together and talk about that!

Decision To Watch — Calgary Cycle Network

Calgary’s downtown network of protected cycling routes has undergone 18 months of trial and the study is in and going to council. This will be instructive to watch – to learn how a progressive city handles the overall positive yet mixed results – where they correct and move forward, where they retain, where they cut back, and where they redesign. And the rationale used. Read more here.