In Collingwood – Keep Calm And Pedal On

If everyone stays calm and follows the rules of the road, we can all get home safely.

Peddling Cycle Safety in Collingwood
“More and more cyclists are riding on Ontario’s roads. As the population grows in cottage communities such as Collingwood, so has the sport. But its popularity has caused some tension and confusion for others on the road – including local police. Ontario Hubs field producer Jeyan Jeganathan gets to the root of the problem.”
See the TVO video coverage here.

Of note, Collingwood has also adopted a paved shoulders policy to help make regional roads safer for everybody (and to save taxpayers money as well).

Side note: For those not aware of how cycling groups ride defensively, including riding two abreast, check out the Ottawa Bicycle Club’s educational pieces, some of the best around for well over a decade,
here and here.

Those Who Bike Are Better Drivers

Photo: CBC Ottawa

Confirming similar research done elsewhere, a UK insurance study carried out by an Australian university finds that those who cycle make half as many insurance claims as those who don’t.  Researchers found that, when driving, those who cycle are more aware of the traffic situation around them, anticipate changing dynamics better, and respond faster – all leading to fewer incidents that result in claims. Read more here.