Cycling plan FAQs

While the Brockville Cycling Advisory Committee (BCAC) has regularly informed Council and senior staff of the rapid adoption of active transportation plans and on-the-ground implementation in centres across North America and here in Ontario, many residents may not be as aware of the issues and trends.  Many residents may also not be fully aware of the commitments Council has made to active transportation over the last few years.  Watch for a series of posts summarizing “frequently asked questions”, to be posted over the next several days. Some of the questions to be addressed include: Continue reading “Cycling plan FAQs”

Petition in support of cycling plan

If you support Brockville’s cycling plan; if you want to see the health, social, environmental and economic benefits of more people feeling safer and choosing to bike more often; if you want to see our roads become safer for all, whether walking, cycling or driving; if you want a more livable city, please sign this petition to Council and share with others.