News: Edmonton’s Bike Network Opens

Edmonton is the most recent of several major Canadian cities to realize the benefits of implementing a cycling network all at once in a defined area. Well, that new network is set to open. Along with that their city website provides a full guide (pdf) for all street users, including safety tips for those cycling, or walking, or driving around the new facilities.

Relevance to Brockville?  Sometimes cited by anti-laners as a city removing bike lanes, this blog previously reported the fallacy of that approach to cherry picking the news through a lens of confirmation bias to unearth out of context support for weak arguments. This blog also previously reported on Edmonton’s $7 million decision to follow Calgary’s lead in implementing a “quick build” protected downtown cycle network. As always, the anti–laners’ campaign of disinformation is full of holes that are easy to challenge.

Author: Alan Medcalf

Alan is a post-corporate, volunteer, community builder living in Brockville, Ontario. He seeks to create sustainable lifestyle advantage for the community by creating opportunities for more people to choose to walk and to ride bikes. He promotes the health, social, environmental and economic benefits of active mobility.